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Wooden Sa

Wooden सा hails from the lands of Rajasthan. We make wooden toys and handicrafts using pine wood. Developed with a very personal touch, our artisans take due care in making sure that each toy brings out the brightest smile. Handcrafted, Woodensa's toys will remind you of your own childhood days. We offer three different ranges of products : 1. Single Animals - such as Cute Elephant, Cute Camel, and several others 2. Pairs - Mother and child, Papa Elephant and Momma Elephant and many others 3. Family - Papa, Momma, and Baby: The complete family! We are offering launch discounts. To top it up - you can buy a pack of 3 and get the price down even further.


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			 								Wooden-सा is my way of respecting the core building material for my art - wood. We in Rajasthan, add सा in front of anything we want to give respect to. Thus Wooden-सा

I am homemaker and I have taken this small but steady step in the direction of entrepreneurship. My kids love my work  and they are still young enough to play with the toys I made. So, I thought why not take art this to other families. So here is my shop Wooden-सा. We make simple wooden toys and handicrafts. They are kid friendly and safe. No plastics used - just simple old plain wood. 

Please do leave me good comments if you like my products.

Thank you !			 								

All products are packed and shipped via reputed courier services. Do not accept the package if it appears damaged or tampered with


Your satisfaction is important to us. If the product is wrongfully delivered (product doesn’t match the item in the order confirmation) or has a genuine manufacturing defect, then we will look to replace your order. To return or exchange a product or report a damage in transit, please get back to us within 48 hours of delivery with your email id and image of the wrongfully delivered or defective item. We will look into the issue and revert back within 48 working hours.


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