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Yusuf Bhopal

Yusuf moved to Bhopal when the late painter J. Swaminathan asked him to join him when he was setting up Bharat Bhavan nearly three decades ago. It was the close collaboration with the older artist “opening many doors” for the young Yusuf. Swaminathan also considered that “there is none better than Yusuf who understands the meaning and magic of the line.” Whilst writing on Yusuf’s paintings, Madhu Jain remarks “Precision and restraint are the two attributes consistently in evidence in his works. Unsentimental, at times to the point of austerity, the paintings have a palpable rhythm. Keeping time to an internal world, these are cadences made visual”. Yusuf employs the abstract medium for uncovering what is not directly accessible. His paintings hint at a distribution of cosmic bodies, their simultaneous aloofness, gravitation and musical movement.


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			 								Born in Gwalior in 1952. Yusuf studied for his National Diploma in both Fine Arts and in Sculpture from Gwalior in the 70's. He has held 27 one man shows and has participated in important group shows including the VII Triennale, New Delhi in 1992, the Bangladesh Biennale, Dhaka in 1995 and the 4th Egyptian International Print Triennale, Cairo in 2003. He has won several Awards notably the State Raza Award in 1984, the Bharat Bhavan Bienniale Award, Bhopal in 1986, the LKA National Award, New Delhi in 1987, International Asian European Biennale, Turkey in 1990 Qiongdao International Print Biennale of China in 2000 and the Raza Foundation Award in 2004. Yusuf is known for his pioneering work in setting up the Graphic Workshop at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.

Yusuf lives and works in Bhopal.

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