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Wrapped In Art by Sweety and Shreya Khurana
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Wrapped In Art by Sweety and Shreya Khurana



Sweety, the intuitive artist with an eye for detail, is definitely the heart and soul of our company. She excelled in fine arts in her youth and studied it further along with textile designing . She has striven for almost 2 decades now to give back to her Alma Mater-Queens Mary School in Delhi, by sharing the knowledge of art to each child. Her passion is being transferred to millions of children through her undying penchant for the expression of colors. Her paintings were the muse igniting the thought of Wrapped in Art. Shreya a creative connoisseur, the brain behind Wrapped In Art, has a Masters degree in Brand Management from Istituto Marangoni, London. She devotedly contributed her skill and zeal of marketing and communications to renowned brands left her corporate dream behind to start her very own label called Wrapped in Art is, the product of her love for niche aesthetics and finesse. She works enthusiastically to people who regard art and visual appeal just like her.