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Harsha Ahuja
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Harsha Ahuja



I was born an artist. I was trained as an artist. But as it often happens, life had other plans for me that didn"t include my complete artistic expression but focused on the commercial bit like photography, print & digital media. So, after 18 long years of exile from the work of fine art, I return with my heart, soul and mind full of wonderful ideas just waiting to come out. The Art Spa for me is a culmination of a journey that began in the mind of a little girl who played in the mud and painted on the walls. That child is still alive, and refuses (thank God!) to settle for anything less than a life filled with beauty and inspiration. I help upcoming artist by giving them a platform to exhibit and sell they paintings and sculpture. We participate in atleast 4 exhibitions in a year. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The Art Spa is the first step closer to the big dream, which hopefully will materialize soon!