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Gurdish Pannu
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Gurdish Pannu



As the river starts it's journey from the glaciers and passes through different mountains and finally attains salvation at the sea, my journey has also been the same. I was mere 7-8 years old when I dialogued with colors for the first time. We became friends and they promised to travel along me through out journey. Together as a team, we would paint sceneries, flowers and the beloved nature, which has always been my inspiration throughout life. After schooling, my life took a change when I entered govt. College of fine arts at Chandigarh, the city designed by Le Corbusier. The place has been a battlefield of 'kurkshetra' for me and fine arts collage as "Krishna" where different waves of artistry enthusiased me. The colors travelled along me and it was the time when we encountered 'live sketching'.