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Kavita Jaiswal
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Kavita Jaiswal



Hi, I'm Kavita. Since my childhood I was always attracted to things which have history, story and colours . After completion of my masters in management I got chance to work in Handloom and Handicraft sector, which helped me to know about different crafts and situation of artisans. Intricacy of craft and childhood instinct for art inspired to start Bebaak. Recently, my younger sister Anjali has also joined me.

Bebaak brings collection of contemporary garment and make new silhouette in old design. We work with artisans of different regions such as Rajasthan, Gujrat Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisarh bringing more recognition to the weaving and crafts.

We believe that story behind each craft is aspiration, with the same belief we are working to bring more recognition to folkart, weaving and artisans.