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Ashish Pati
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Ashish Pati



From the earliest civilizations to the ancient times, filigree is a long-lost form of art. Most striking for its brilliance, delicate detailing, and fine craftsmanship, its distinctive process involves a peculiar technique – carving, molding, engraving, and polishing. Tiny beads and twisted threads come together to form delicate tracery. The hands of master craftsmen neatly weave spirals, curls and jaals. Once a drop of molten silver, piece by piece, laboriously and patiently, elegant designs take shape. As this ancient art form battles survival in the hands of a few craftsmen families in Cuttack, Odisha, Silverlinings strives to re-engage it and keep it alive. At Silverlinings, we ensure that each carefully created piece exudes precision and beauty, bearing the hallmark of excellence in art and fine craftsmanship