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Divya Rishi
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Divya Rishi



My love for textiles is inherited from my family, I think. My grandfather, father and now my husband. Although my father moved out of the textile business long ago and I did some heavy duty corporate marketing and communications job for 10 years, I got pulled into this beautiful and challenging world of Textiles by my husband who runs a fabric manufacturing business for home textiles. After Covid-19 hit, I decided to upcycle some of the excess stock into table linen products. With the help of a fellow woman entrepreneur, we have handcrafted this beautiful European collection of table linen and I hope to receive a good response so we can further my reach to upcycle other fabric waste into meaningful items adding aesthetic vibes to your homes. My idea is also utilise local talent of women in and around Bhiwandi with prior sewing skills and provide them an alternate livelihood channel.