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Gursakhi Lugani
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Gursakhi Lugani



Nakhrewaali- A Thought, An Idea, A Woman... Nakhrewaali was started as an idea of two people who come from similar, very diverse upbringings. It’s based on a set of values drawn from a childhood in small parts of India and a youth in the metros. Our thoughts collided on the notion that overtime people have begun to care only about fast-fashion and Indian textiles are becoming an afterthought. With NakhreWaali, we wanted to use the rich culture and heritage of our country so that people could have the funk along with the Indian handicrafts and textiles and not only flaunt the pieces but wear them with pride. Breaking the notion of an attractiveness which is perceived only by eyes, Nakhrewaali goes beneath the exteriors and defines itself as an emotion, a feeling, a touch moreover a thought that doesn't let you sleep, it's that happiness which warms your heart while a sadness that teaches you about life. An art, a passion, a woman, a friend, in and around, something that's everywhere.