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Riti Jain Dhar
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Riti Jain Dhar



Quirky. Unique. Contemporary. That pretty much sums up Imarim. Imarim specialises in making only one piece per design, so that you can always discover something new, something fun for your home. From home decor to accessories, art to furniture, Imarim promises to liven spaces with colour and happiness. - After many years of being an advertising professional based out of India, I finally started doing something that was close to my heart. This is how Imarim was born. I have always been drawn to colour. Growing up I always had a tough time answering the question, “What is your favourite colour?” Till today I don’t have an answer. That is probably because I love them all. Experimenting putting together the various shades, tones and tints is an exhilarating experience for me. All items are sourced from ‘kabaadi’ markets (junkyards) and are lovingly given a new lease of life. Each piece is hand painted by me and I look forward to sitting down every day with my paints and palette.