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kannan Ananthasubramani
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kannan Ananthasubramani



I am a self taught artist in the field of watercolour painting. It all started when I was only 5 years old when I developed the interest for painting and my parents put me at that time under few local teachers when I was growing up in Calcutta. And then on, my painting continued as a hobby and gradually it has become a way of my life. 'In order to gain some professional skills, I made the decision to become an online student of professional artist Peter Woolley. I'm happy to say that the experience was enriching and I genuinely feel it made a big difference to my approach, ultimately helping me build towards that giant leap into my professional career.I am 50 years old now and have been exploring my painting till date & have developed a huge number of paintings. So far had been pursuing painting as hobby but now having realised my interest & strength, I have taken up as full time professional. Hence have decided to open my work to the public. My works are truly based on my nostalgic me