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Amrita Halder
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Amrita Halder



Tantav.- threading its way to all of these...spinning, weaving, coloring its way through to make a more beautiful, graceful, satisfied, confident and complete YOU. True to the meaning of the word- Made of Threads, has retained the originality and flavour of the concept to every bit of cloth used to give shape to your desires. Everything that hooks your attention has been specially handpicked, handwoven, hand printed and hand crafted to make your skin feel at home in whatever season or place and leave you feeling the best dressed around! You need not bother now what specific cut suits you, because Tantav. is so exquisitely designed that you can now wear anything you put your fingers's a stellar. No matter what age, you will find the right thing with Tantav.
The concept explores through the vast regime of traditional handmade textiles in India. The drape to every imagination is essentially a hand spun pure cotton or pure silk that promises to make you feel special every time you put it on.
As said earlier, Tantav. dreams to bring every dead handloom to life..using your imaginations and desires to oil them.
So, come and Tantav yourself..and your being..and be the purest part of the revolution. :)

Amrita Halder,