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Divya Prasad
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Divya Prasad



Hello all, I am Divya Prasad. Iktomi is my soul's channel of expression for the divine art of dream catchers, intuitive handwork, mandalas, weaving, crystal artworks, sacred geometric crystal jewellery, mandala jewellery, energy healing, knowledge sharing, healing spiritual crafts and heartworks. Iktomi represents; the wisdom of weaving; of our soul and eternal life. The hand-woven sacred Native American charms manifest dreams and positivity. My deeper understanding and connection with Native American cultures and arts inspired me to pick this meaningful name. Iktomi is my heart venture that holds purpose for me as a practicing energy healer and aligns with my spirit. I wish to stay true to my purpose through my creative expressions. There is no business model for my venture. I am also a freelance writer, energy healer, full-time traveller and travel blogger. Currently, I live in a small Gaddi village called Khirku in Kangra Valley. Since its my heart venture, I wish to keep it simple. I am mostly travelling and hence Iktomi will travel with me wherever I go, so that we can catch beautiful dreams together. The dream catchers I make are energized by me with Prana, crystals, purposes and manifestations. This special offering combines art and divine healing. This page will be updated as and when I create dream catchers for sale. Orders will be taken on request. On special request, customized dream catchers and jewellery charms can be made with energized crystals of your choice or ones best suited for your intentions.The name Iktomi has its origin in the folklore of the Lakota and Sioux tribes. Legend has it that Iktomi was a sacred spider spirit - the firstborn son of Inyan, the rock. The spider spirit of Iktomi plays different roles and even changes genders in tales throughout different tribes and cultures. Iktomi had the reputation of a divine trickster and searcher of wisdom who appeared as a spider in the visions of an old Lakota Spiritual leader. The wise spirit once spoke the words of wisdom and spun a web on a willow hoop. As he continued weaving, he passed on sacred knowledge to the elderly man. He stated how the web is symbolic of eternal cycles of life. As these cycles are lived from infancy to adulthood to old age, we are taken care of as infants and complete the cycle of life before we move to the next. The positive and negative forces will always be a part of the cycle. If we channel our energy and listen to the positive ones, we will tread in a path of purpose. This is the only way to restore balance and live in complete harmony with nature. If one trusts in the higher spirit - the Wakan Tanka, the web will catch the good dreams and let the bad ones pass through the hole in the center. Iktomi is the one to have passed on the art and wisdom of weaving to all the women of the tribes. On a deeper level, Iktomi is symbolic of the wisdom, sacred knowledge, creative spirit and the eternal cycle called life. The dream catcher manifests positive dreams, positive energy and holds the destiny of the future. So dream on and let my dream catchers work its magic. :)

My deepest gratitude to the universe, each and every source, my family and friends for helping me manifest this dream.

Apart from being the soul owner of Iktomi, I am a practicing energy healer, freelance writer and travel blogger. :)

If you just want to talk about dream catchers or energy healing, feel free to connect. :)

Thank you so much for your love and support.

Divya Prasad