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Sandeep Rawal
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Sandeep Rawal



I am a self-taught artist with no art degree.Born in a simple family in 1983, I drew my first pencil painting of Goddess Lakshmi at 5 years of age.Seeing that, one of my teachers gave me some pencil colors and white papers. Since then, interest in art began to grow.In 1998, I flunked in tenth and worked at a stationery shop with preparation of tenth again.I used to study art books during lunch.I passed tenth but due to bad financial conditions could not enroll in college.Thus my dream of studying in Art College remained incomplete.Also my family did not want me to be a painter so I used to get taunts from them but continued my journey.I used to take magazines from junk shop and sketch from reference photos of models!In 2003, for the first time,I participated in a group exhibition!Besides my professional work, till now I have given 78 Live Demonstrations in art schools,colleges,Institutes and exhibitions.I believe that by these demonstrations,my art is developing and reaching people.