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I am a young self-taught artist, apart from running my own full fledged Architecture & Interior Design Studio, in Mumbai. Art being an integral part of architectural and interior design, I have always believed that art and decor is what makes a home habitable, gives a sense of personal identity to the space. The Art displayed, many a times, reflects the personality of the person displaying it. A piece of art could make or break a space. Every Artwork is meant for a certain kind of audience, which the artist has in mind while making it. For me, the art that appeals to any layman, is true art. An artwork, which allows the reader to build his own story of perceiving it, a story which is left open ended for the observer to complete it, through his perception, thus making him/her a part of the creative process. Qualification and Profession - Studied Architecture at Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai, India (2003-08) Partner, unTAG Architecture & Interior Design Studio, Mumbai. Gauri Satam.