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Chanchal Badsiwal
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Chanchal Badsiwal



After a decade of enriching corporate work experience and successfully exploring various roles in established organizations, I thought it was the right time to give wings to my old dream of being an entrepreneur. Though, leaving what you enjoy doing and acknowledged being good at that was not easy, however, the timing worked in my favor. Moved to Bangalore in 2014 after my marriage and instead of again getting into the corporate world, I decided otherwise.

I am an admirer of traditional Indian art forms and whenever I travel, I meet the art communities of various states and villages. When the decision had to me made on what to do next, a discussion with my husband helped me choose this admiration towards art and see how can I take this to the next level. After a rigorous research, traveling to several art hubs, villages known for various art forms, numerous discussions with weavers, artisans and various communities across various states, I knew this was my calling.

Since then I have been working to create contemporary products using various indigenous weaves as well as traditional Indian art forms, keeping the soul of these craft alive.