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Sejal Sethi
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Sejal Sethi



Hi, I'm Sejal Sethi. I'm a ceramic artist based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
My journey with ceramics started 7 years ago, when I joined a wheel throwing hobby class, and from the first day on, I was hooked. I was immediately fascinated by the way the clay changes shape and can be molded by applying the slightest of pressure. The spinning mass of clay on the wheel is almost hypnotic. It became my passion and I decided to pursue it professionally.
Out of all the techniques I have learnt in my degree course at Sir J.J. School of Arts (2010-2014), Throwing on the wheel remains my favourite and most preferred method of clay modelling.
I enjoy experimenting with different glaze decoration techniques. I like to keep the shape and form simple and work more on the visual appeal through glazing.