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Rekha Goyal
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Rekha Goyal



Rekha Goyal was drawn to ceramic art at the young age of 12. Growing up in a family of scientifically inclined engineers, she was intrigued by the science of the medium. Over the last 15 years, she has devoted herself to the study of this unique & inseparable relationship in ceramics between the science of the medium and its artistic form. She has done several art shows at galleries, shows in atypical public spaces and commissioned works for public and private spaces in both India and abroad. Her murals and sculptures adorn the interiors of marquee hotels, luxury estates and private collections.

At her Mumbai studio, Goyal also produces a boutique range of handcrafted products that exude an aesthetic fun and extend art into everyday lives.

An avid traveller, she has been widely quoted in national publications for her entrepreneurial work in setting-up one of India’s first networks of homestays. She has also advised women groups in rural areas on generating livelihoods through sustainable tourism.

Rekha Goyal was born in Mumbai in 1979 and spent her early years in South America. She has been running her ceramic art & pottery studio in Mumbai since 1999. She graduated in ceramics from Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai and did her masters in Art in Architecture, London.