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Ruchi Kakkar
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Ruchi Kakkar



Hi I'm Ruchi Kakkar. Work can never be more important than your Life and those you Love in your Life - this was my realization one fine morning and which prompted me to take a sabbatical from work for 6 months leaving behind a long & rewarding corporate career of 16 years ! While on the sabbatical, I was surprised at the paucity of colors in the designs available for everyday wear from all the leading fashion brands – everyone had the same Red / Blue / Green / Black / Gold - what happened to other colors in the color wheel; their variants - the shades; tones; tints? And hence was born anokherang to fill this void and reintroduce color into everyone's lives by offering designs which are beautiful; in colors that are inspirational; using fabrics that are pure; at prices that are honest & fair; all under one roof !