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Abhishek Pandey
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Abhishek Pandey



ABHISHEK PANDAY (INDIA) ​ Abhishek got introduced to art in his high school days. He started sketching at first but eventually took to sculpture and explored with a variety of mediums while he was at college. He believes in the spontaneity of thoughts and processes.This provides him with freedom to explore the depths of his mind with unrestricted creativity. Abhishek has been awarded a scholarship in the field of sculpture and visual art by Ministry Of Culture. He has been a resident artist at Kalakriti Art Gallery in 2018 and participated in the north east sculpture camp in wood carving, at Lalit Kala Academy. He has also organised workshops of his own. Currently he is practicing at his Studio “Kalaprabha” in Pune with his group and aims to create more opportunities for the benefit of other artists.