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Medium : Painted Wood and Metal
Dimension : 30 x 9 x 7 inches
Memories are the biggest source of inspiration for me. These memories helps us grow as a person and as an individual. They have that deep sense of nostalgia within them that I like to cherish.

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Renu Bala

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	 								I am able to represent my relationships with my childhood friends and my family through my work of art and also my school memoir.
I believe that we learn many activities from each other and I have created my own presence (as artist) in my works to represent, closed relation of mine with my childhood memories through my tools and objects that I have used while creating a form (work of art).
The importance of objects in my work is like to eat food for our good health like we need objects (working tools) for creating a sculptural form.
During my research grant I have experimented with c... Read More