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Dhokra Anklet Frolic 2 $4.77 $4.54 PRODUCT CODE: JW-AL-DHK-38. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $23.08 DISCOUNT: $0.23 TIME TO DISPATCH: 2-4days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 3 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Brass
Dimension : 11*0.3(L*W) inches( Fixed Lock / non adjustable)
This anklet is made with brass beads, using Dhokra technique.Dhokra is a 5000 years old art form, with the dancing girl of Mohenjodaro being its earliest artifact.It is an ancient method of making metal artifacts by a wax-casting technique. The process of making Dhokra is delicate and uses only natural raw materials. The basic mould is made with fine sand (mostly found next to the river banks) and clay. Belonging to a rare and unique breed of items and processes, the Dhokra products are indeed a collectible.

Country of Origin - India

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We work with grass-root level artists, NGO’s and self-help groups by helping them in understanding contemporary and urban tastes and preferences at the same time retaining the art form's history and legacy. We complement their skills and art of embellishment with modern designs and ideas to create rich spectrum of products that meet the needs of urban audience.
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