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Material : Pencil with black paper
Size : 71 X 55 cm
This beautiful painting is live example of eternal love which flourish as age passed through. Every expression in this painting gives a meaning to it. This couple has brought the love on their expression.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								Born in 1981, in eastern part of india called Guwahati. Painting is always been my passion and it always drive me to do some extra ordinary work. Coming from a small city with lot of dream forced me to get into corporate. Now, i am trying keep my passion alive with couple of my work and trying to make it a full time profession. Currently based out of Bangalore. 
I put my heart and soul in my paintings and i ensure that i bring best out of it. Most of my works are realistic paintings based on paper or canvas using different medium like pencil or oil painting etc. You will find a  very detail w...
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