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Ganga Lahiri Iv by Ganesh Hire

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Medium : Watercolor on Paper
Dimension : 36 x 72 inches
As per the design of Almighty, Brahma manifested this first ever reflected world at the very coasts of Ganges only. The studies and experiments on the Domestic, Social, Political and Economic truths of life took place here. The guiding philosophy of manu Vedic Culture and the birth of Aryan Civilization occurred here. The ultimate Indian culture is GANGA. The fourteen erudition and sixty four arts of Indian Culture flourished at the banks of Ganga only. The incessant flow, the rhythm and the scenic beauty of Ganges inspire and beckon an artist. This inspiration motivated me to paint a series "Ganga Lahari". The other reason for taking up the challenge was that I learned my initial lessons of painting at the banks of Godavari and my journey of Art began from there.

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Ganesh Hire

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	 								I believe, the prime reason of evolution of Mankind is river. River is the mother of the animal planet, the world of flora fauna and also of the mankind. The good fortune of this Earth is this continuous flow of affection. Human life reaches perfection with knowledge,action and devotion. Guidance for making of this perfect Society and culture evolved at the banks of Ganga.

My paintings are the aesthetic reflection of beauty, serenity, depth, steadfastness , rhythm, the azure color and above all, of the quality of these rivers to imbibe and to unceasingly help the mankind. Initiated my serie...
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