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Hallucination floor mat chatai madur made of natural dried korai grass handmade handwoven

Hallucination floor mat chatai madur made of natural dried korai grass handmade handwoven 2,298.00 1,378.80 PRODUCT CODE: floor mat eco-friendly green. SHIPPING & HANDLING: 0.00 DISCOUNT: 40% TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 23 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Carpet Size

Material : Natural dried korai grass hand woven with cotton thread
Dimension : 4.5ft X 6ft
HALLUCINATION Foldable Natural River Grass Chatai Mat is easy carry and space saver. It's made by hand using natural material. It can be used for domestic use, picnics, tours, hostels, hotels, Mansions,pooja .Korai Pai (Korai Wefts) Mats, are a part of everyday life being used to sit on and sleep on. They are also very special gifts. They are often presented in large quantities at weddings and other important ceremonies as a symbol of wealth Korai Paai is a beautifully crafted floor mat. Long life,Eco-friendly and Endurable. Reduces Back Pain and Good For Health. Korai Pai, Darbha Grass or Kusha Grass is scientifically known in English by the names Halfa grass, Big Cordgrss, and Salt read-geass, is an Old World Perennial Grass. In India it is known by daabh, darbha, kusa, korai pai. Everyone will just love the natural, handmade feel of the mat and it goes well with almost any decor and setting. Hang it outside the window to stop the sun from coming in. Great, cost-effective idea and keeps your house cool too! 3 fold / 4 fold natural handicraft Floor mat / bed mat / chatai, 100% organic Material: Rare Natural dried Madur Kathi grass; 100% handwoven handicraft; organic; skin friendly, soft, comfortable, natural, ethnic, soothing, eco-friendly, organic, decorative floor / bed mat can be used as carpet, bed cover, bed mat, kids playing mat; We sell only original "madur grass" made products;which is rare and strong, durable and costly; Be aware of hay & straw made duplicate products, those are cheap products; Chatai Mat Size: King/Queen; hand woven with colorful cotton thread;

Country of Origin - India

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