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Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension : 45 x 45 inches
“Man is a part of nature. I’ve tried to express a sense of how much we human beings can gain from being in harmony with nature. When human beings are disrespectful and exploitative of Mother Nature, the result are disastrous” This philosophy of harmony and altruism is something that is as rigorously practiced in own life as it is portrayed in the pictures. I want every painting to speak for itself. I like to go out a lot, to observe phenomenon, to capture the emotions of community on canvas. My paintings are meant to be a heart-to-heart communication with the audience who sees them.

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Rajesh Shah

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	 								The way our relationships with people move us and define us always leaves me awe inspired. These complex and yet seamless relationships become the epicentre of my compositions. Be the relationship, between a mother and a child or two people in love, or friends, all of them have such a niche flavour and tonality to them. Those very emotions are what I try to present in my paintings.

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