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Large Fighter Kite - Natural Crystal

Large Fighter Kite - Natural Crystal $72.31 PRODUCT CODE: FKL1. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $30.77 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 6-8days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : 927 silver, 22kt gold plating, quartz
Dimension : 5 cm x 2.9 cm x 0.5 cm
Each of our stones is hand cut, and handset in silver and then gold plated. We selected these gemstones because of their healing energy: they restore energy levels and block negative energy. We believe beauty is inside-out. These lovelies will help you fly with the unbearable lightness of being.

Country of Origin - India


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	 								Baka is a brand of sustainable jewelry designed for those who want to save the world, and look good doing it! The brand has a lot of gravitas with regards to its commitment to sustainability, since it is designed by Rhizome - India's first multidisciplinary sustainability design studio. We ensure you have jewelry that is good for the planet, its people, and for you.
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