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Medium : Watercolor On Paper
Size : 12" X 9"
Rain Magic is a painting to admire as it takes you through the different phases of the Monsoon season. The painting is created with good texture and colors to represent the feeling of rain and to rejuvenate the senses. It's a great piece of art for those who can't travel or can't experience Monsoon and want to feel its true magic.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								Welcome to the world of experiential art of watercolors. My art is home to peace, enchantment, joy, serenity, celebration of colours, happiness, spirituality and all those positive attributes. Every painting is story in itself with a happy ending. This is a cool retreat from busyness.
All art is team work of artist and viewer.My artworks are an endevour to find viewers to complete the team. Come, let's join hands and create a world of peace and harmony.
Subjects vary from landscapes to floral, nature to manmade projects, digital to mixed media, from watercolours to acrylics but inner mes... Read More
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