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Seed Crackers Custom Basket - Pack of 10

Seed Crackers Custom Basket - Pack of 10 1,690.00 PRODUCT CODE: Terra051. SHIPPING & HANDLING: 200.00 DISCOUNT: 0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 10 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Pack Of


Material : Cl, Threaday, Paper, Seeds
Dimension : 30x30cm
Beej Patakha-Custom Basket-Pack of 10 Beej Patakha (Seed Crackers): An initiative to increase the green cover of India and make the air breathable and pure. It is an endeavor to motivate people to plant more and more trees instead of bursting crackers on the occasion of DIWALI festival. The seeds along with fertile soil and natural fertilizer are hand crafted in the crackers of different shapes which resemble the crackers burst on Diwali like Annar, Chakri, Sutli Bomb, Potli Bomb, Rocket, Anaar Bomb, Phooljhari, Ladi and Pop pops Material: Soil, fertilizer, Seeds of vegetables. The name of the vegetable seeds is mentioned on the sticker of the cracker. How to plant: The patakha needs to be planted like a seed. It is to be placed in the soil with the side having seeds facing upward and watered regularly. As the seed sprouts, water it normally like a plant and see it grow and get the pleasure of contributing towards making the Earth greener. Environment: It is an initiative to keep the environment pollution free and breathable for present and future generations by increasing the green cover. Gift Box: The gift box comprises an outer box with message of Happy Diwali and a postcard with details of seeds, instructions and space for writing message. LET'S GO GREEN THIS DIWALI SAY NO TO POLLUTION SAY YES TO BEEJ PATAKHA BE SUSTAINABLE Packed in Hand-woven basket, wrapped in tradition can be customized as per requirement. The basket comes with a message card and a complimentary potli of seeds. As we use elements of nature it is our responsibility to give it back.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								Rooii – is not a name it is a weave of nature. It is the search for new in the old.
Rooii is a story of sustainable and tradition of textile interwoven in craft, culture, art and utility. It is based on two ideologies – Handcrafted in India and handwoven by artisans of India. It has a number of stories to say about humanity, to create from craft, to visualize from art of India and to be responsible for cultural integrity of India. It is an ode to artisans of India who incarnate living crafts with humility, patience, and persistence.

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