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Skyward Skater Skirt - Horizontal Stripes

Skyward Skater Skirt - Horizontal Stripes $27.54 PRODUCT CODE: BLWSK-301-26-S13HOR. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $27.69 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 3-5days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 3 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier




Material : 55% Hemp + 45% Organic Cotton
Size : XS, M, L, XL
Look beyond in this fashionable skater skirt. Designed with carefully selected buttons that run down the front, with this skirt you can add that edge to your look every day. Made with a breathable natural fabric- 100% Hemp and Hemp Blends

Country of Origin - India


Shop Logo

	 								Fashion & Living for an individual who is miles ahead of the crowd that latches onto trends in vogue, where it is convenient to fall prey to the fetters of fast fashion. 

Such an individual prefers a change in path, a Plan B that helps them take a greener route where science meets fashion and style meets sustainability. 

We bring to you natural Hemp clothing that looks like linen and feels like cotton. Hemp fabric is extremely unique, much like wine, it ages gracefully and gets better with every wash.
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