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Tera Tweets pencil tops set of 3

Tera Tweets pencil tops set of 3 180.00 PRODUCT CODE: CC-TT-BI. SHIPPING & HANDLING: 150.00 DISCOUNT: 0% TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 50 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Pencil+Ceramic Bird top
Dimension : 13cm pencil length, bird - 1 x 1 cm
A small ceramic bird bobbling over the pencil head fills the user with joy and excitement. A twist and pull motion detaches the bird to be used as a soft board pin. -high fired terracotta bird -non corrosive Brass metal wire -reusable to other pencils -a nice compass tin as packaging and to reuse thereafter. -a pack contains 3 assorted pencils and 3 birds as shown in image 1. -a pencil stand is excluded from the pack.

Country of Origin - India

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