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The Monochrome Blue Top $40.00 $28.00 PRODUCT CODE: YLTP/1670. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $15.38 DISCOUNT: 30% TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 2 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier




Material : Cotton
Size : XS,S,M
Capturing the simplicity of straight lines and mixing it up with alternating patterns, this top from Yell is both fun and casual or sincere and determined. It all depends on how you style it. Zips on both sides add an element of style.

Country of Origin - India


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	 								For almost a decade now, Yell has been synonymous with honest fashion which is as discerning as it is discreet. All our fabrics are naturally sourced and processed ethically to be in line with our commitment to sustainable fashion. Handcrafted from the finest linen, the purest wool and the softest cotton, our design is inspired by a cosmopolitan vision of a glocal Indian ethos. 

Minimalistic yet classic, our work aims to be your own personal statement of style—at work, with friends and in family. With this holistic fusion of the quotidian with the exclusive, of the earthy with the as...
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