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Material : Oil on Canvas
Dimension : 48 x 18 inches
The enchantment and experiences of the vibrancy of panoramic vision looking through the canvas,and getting attuned to every symphony of "colors of planes",intrinsic and inquisitive to contemplate. Abound and ephemeral,through the elements of the composition the artist explains in his poetic way to explain harmony and relation of the distribution of time and space.

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Sudhir Talmale

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	 								Sudhir Talmale was born in 1964, and completed his Master’s degree in fine art from Nagpur University in 1988. His work focuses on the integration of shape, line, and space, and the various combinations in which they come together on his canvases. Expressing these three simple concepts through a masterful use of colour, repetition and layering, the artist creates several elaborate pieces of artwork. 

Talmale’s works show the power of a strong palette, and his use of simple shapes like squares, triangles and rectangles along with lines, allows the artists choice of colours to c...
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