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Medium : Acrylic colour on canvas
Dimension : 44x32 in.
The red abstract painting is a vibrant and expressive piece of art that captivates the viewer's attention with its bold color and energetic composition. The canvas is dominated by various shades and tones of red, ranging from deep crimson to fiery scarlet. The artist has skillfully used a combination of brushstrokes, drips, and splatters to create dynamic movement and texture within the painting. The composition of the artwork is non-representational, devoid of recognizable objects or figures. Instead, it explores the realm of emotions and sensations through the interplay of shapes, lines, and color. The red hues evoke a sense of passion, intensity, and warmth. The brushstrokes and gestures seem to dance across the canvas, conveying a feeling of spontaneity and free expression. As you gaze at the painting, you may discern various forms emerging from the abstract chaos. The artist has intentionally left room for interpretation, allowing each viewer to find their own meaning within the artwork. Some may perceive hints of landscapes, fiery explosions, or even the ebb and flow of emotions. The beauty of abstract art lies in its ability to engage the imagination and evoke personal responses. Overall, the red abstract painting is a captivating and evocative artwork that stimulates the senses and invites contemplation. Its vibrant red hues, dynamic composition, and expressive brushwork combine to create a visual experience that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Kirtiraj Mhatre

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	 								Kirtiraj Mhatre is an acclaimed artist with a passion for creating Modern & Abstract art. He is inspired by the charm in the artistic language of abstract art and the freedom it offers an artist, to express through colours and forms. It is his way of leading the observer's mind into a world of intriguing beauty. Art can evoke a range of emotions in you. His works are delightful, engaging and eye-catching and have earned him much appreciation through his journey.
 Group Exhibitions: Tapadia Art Gallery – 2006 Welcome Art Gallery, Aurangabad – 2008 Nehru Art Gallery – 20...
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