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Venice Premium Ceramic Dinner Set of 28 Pcs

Venice Premium Ceramic Dinner Set of 28 Pcs 13,200.00 SHIPPING & HANDLING: 0.00 DISCOUNT: 0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 9-14days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 2 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Medium : Ceramic
Dimension : Set of 28pc- 10” Dinner Plate- 6pc, 7” Quarter Dinner Plate- 6pc, 7” Serving Bowl- 1pc,
8” Serving Bowl- 1pc, 5” Soup Bowl- 6pc, 4” Portion Bowl- 6pc, 12” Shell Platter- 1pc, 10" Pasta plate-1pc This astonishing tableware shows a glimpse of art and architecture in the best way possible. With colors royal as sea and artistic grooves, these series show a symphony of art and resemblance of something very posh. These monochromatic pieces go perfectly with their complete set or can even mix and match. Hand made Lead-Free Dish wash Safe Scratch-resistant Microwave safe Washing Care:If you choose to wash the ceramic cookware by hand, please use a soft scrub brush and dish soap, and avoid metal and/or abrasive sponges. Microwave Care:Refrigerated dinnerware should never be used in a hot microwave for any purpose. Ceramic dinnerware must be heated slowly and evenly. General Care:Stoneware is not designed for the usage on the stove top. Ceramic dinnerware must be stored very carefully in cupboards or on shelves, Avoid stacking the ceramic cookware on top of each other to prevent scratches and damages.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								We Amalfiee Ceramics are the the mold breaker whose work is driven by intentional choices, client partnerships, and a love of design that truly functions.In addition to offering a full line of functional ceramics, Designed to be used, they are non-toxic, oven-proof, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe. Each handcrafted piece is slightly different and bears the signature of one of the four potters.
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