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Wabi Sabi Bowl (Large) $43.06 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $10.77 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 3-5days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 0 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Ceramic
Dimension : 5" x11"
The Origin Over twenty crore people in the large state of Uttar Pradesh.One lakh eleven thousand people in the small city of Khurja. One man sits relentlessly every day to create magnificent works of art. Our artisan Hari Bhai is the creator of this collection. He works out of his backyard and shares his bhatti ( the container in which all the ceramics are baked to strengthen them) with 4 other potters. Hari Bhai works to create magic and love in with his own two hands.Whenever he meets anyone new, he tells them how lucky he feels to be doing what he does "Hum mitti se bane hain, Mitti se banate hain, Mitti pe kalakari karte hain Aur akhir mein Mitti mein mil jayenge Har kisi ka itna accha Bhagya nahin hota" Which means, " I'm made of the earth, I create things from this earth, I pour out my creativity on the earth, and in the end, I will become one with this earth. Not everyone in this world is as lucky as I am."

Country of Origin - India


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