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Material : Concrete, Brass
Dimension : L-47cm
The waning moon is the harbinger of the new moon, just like some ends herald a new beginning – a thought beautifully depicted in this mixed material statement neckwear. Weight: 65 gms All jewels are unique and handcrafted, they differ slightly in shape or size and it changes its texture time to time. To prevent the radiance and enthusiasm, keep your jewelry in a box or a pouch. Kindly Wear Your Jewelry On Last, Prevent from Sprays , Lotions , Nail Remover and Makeup.

Country of Origin - India


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	 								Edenek is a reflection, an extension of the world as I see it - minimal and striking, bold and stunning. Edenek, meaning 'paradise around my neck', is derived from a combination of the words Eden and Neck. It is an endeavour that strives to convey the medley of my passion for concrete, structures, geometry and jewellery. - Heta Patel | Edenek

If you can live in it, surround yourself with it and adopt it, then why not mould it into wearable art that enhances? Making a statement with jewellery sculpted from concrete to etch a fashionable presence is the primary purpose at Edenek, a contempora...
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