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Meditating Polygonal Buddha (BIG)

Meditating Polygonal Buddha (BIG) $53.69 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $20.00 DISCOUNT: 0% TIME TO DISPATCH: 6-8days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Material : recycled pinewood
Dimension : 3.4 X 7.3 X 9.2 inch
The journey towards following your calling/passion is a meditation in itself. Along the path you attain self mastery, patience, humility and other qualities, signified by layers in this serene piece.

The stacked layers of recycled wood, makes the Buddha change color when you view it from different angles and different heights.

The polygonal shape gives more focus to the Buddha’s qualities than the features.

WARNING: Keeping this artfully done accent in your home and office, can make you diligently pursue your calling.

Pls note, the picture of two different sizes of Meditating Buddha is for purpose of comparison, the price quoted is for Bigger piece.

Product Details
Material: Pinewood MDF
Dimensions (width X length X height): 3.4 X 7.3 X 9.2 inch
Weight: ~ 950gms

Each piece is unique and has its own perfect imperfections.

Country of Origin - India


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