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Kunjan Mendake

Kunjan Mendake Art store, where I delight you with hand made quirky stories though my art works. I work in multiple mediums, and a lot of my work is still in the process of clearing the packaging and shipping logistics. The ones that can be securely shipped are now for sale. If you want it customised or wish to commission something, write to me and I will explore the possibilities! Customisation of my original art work may not be an exact replica, but I will give you something that you would like and be proud to own.


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			 								I am a nomad and until my feet grow roots that pin me to this earth I will continue to move on from people, places, and beings carrying bits and pieces of their soul within the mine and leaving my pieces with them. My solitude transforms with every bit that travels through it. I am stupid, foolish and senseless. I lose control despite its price, because I have savored the infinity that begins in the outskirts of structure. Someday, my solitude and I will hack into the infinity for good, until then I am cursed to live in the edges of absurdity, perhaps because the leash of logic still finds its way into my skin. As I rise and spread into the realm of absurdity meaning pulls me down. 
Why absurdity? 
Why meaning? 
My art, like my life, is an experiment with the absurd. I will be damned if my art acknowledges sense and purpose by trying to defy it.
-Kunjan Mendake

The Artwork is shipped securely packed in PVC or cardboard postal tubes within 4-5 working days of placing the order.


We will replace any order within 7 days of delivery, with free return shipping if you receive a product, which is not as per the specifications ordered by you- Wrong Size, wrong color, wrong quantity, defective, damaged, or Significantly different from the description given on the website. Refund will be provided only on the purchase of original artwork.


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