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Moments in Watercolors

Kannan Ananthasubramani completed his Certificate in Fine Arts from Raja Maan Singh Tomar University Gwalior and his passion for watercolor paintings started since the age of 5. He has been fortunate to learn the basic techniques of paintings under various local teachers during the 70s. He likes painting nature , villages and certain theme based paintings. His main inspiration to paint comes when he travels and captures certain scenes and moments. He also joined Professional Watercolorist Peter Woolley and worked under as a student and the experience under him was enriching


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			 								I am a self taught artist in the field of watercolour painting. It all started when I was only 5 years old when I developed the interest for painting and my parents put me at that time under few local teachers when I was growing up in Calcutta. And then on, my painting continued as a hobby and gradually it has become a way of my life. 'In order to gain some professional skills, I made the decision to become an online student of professional artist Peter Woolley. I'm happy to say that the experience was enriching and I genuinely feel it made a big difference to my approach, ultimately helping me build towards that giant leap into my professional career.I am 50 years old now and have been exploring my painting till date & have developed a huge number of paintings. So far had been pursuing painting as hobby but now having realised my interest & strength, I have taken up as full time professional. Hence have decided to open my work to the public. My works are truly based on my nostalgic me			 								

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Images are closest representation of actual painting. However there could be minor variations between the image and the actual painting due to media limitation. I do not accept returns. In the rare event of receiving a defective/wrong artwork, please reach out to me with images, and I shall be happy to help


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