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Palak Kalra
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Palak Kalra



As this brand was started by me and my sister, we decided to use the portmanteau of our names (PA)LAK and DIV(YA) PAYA. It also reflects in our tagline, find yourself, wherein we want women to find themselves by finding their true style and not be derived by fashion fads. This in hindi translates to, khud ko paya.Thus, the name, which also explains our brand ideology in one word. I worked as a Quality Analyst for a publication house for about three years, then switched my field to work as a Fashion Merchandiser with an export house for about an year and a half. My sister, Divya who holds a bachelor's degree in Accessory Designing from NIFT, has nearly 5 years of experience in designing fashion and fine jewelry for popular brands. There's this mutual and never ending love for art that we both share. So we decided to quit our respective jobs and venture onto this journey to find ourselves, wherein we could single-mindedly work towards the thing we are most passionate about - ART.