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Roma Butalia Suri
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Roma Butalia Suri



Our Inspiration: To be a world-class designer and manufacturer of handmade artefacts, interior accents and artisanal handmade items developed on the bedrock of sustainability, integrity, passion, innovation, quality and customer focus; the first choice for discerning customers. How it all began…. It was in 2014 that Roma Butalia Suri moved to Jodhpur, Rajasthan and found that the 'Blue City' had much more than palaces, forts and food. While setting up her home, she discovered that the city was home to artisans skilled in creating a wide variety of handmade decor products. This discovery led to an idea, a hope, in Roma's mind—that Indian homes and commercial spaces get access to such smart and elegant products at modest prices. How far we’ve got now… Then came a series of opportunities that made Artisans Rose venture into B2B space. Today, Artisans Rose goes above and beyond sourcing and curating collections. The team designs and manufactures customized, semi-industrial