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Medium - Acrylic on Carson Paper Size - 21.5 x 21.5 inches The image of two cranes amidst a lush, pure background used to be a common feature near small water bodies like ponds and canals. It is deeply evocative of a life that was pure and which maintained the man-nature harmony fairly well.

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Jayakumar Karunakaran

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	 								Be it commercial art or art for its own sake, Jayakumar Karunakaran invests a rare
passion into his work. 

He realizes that businesses require a different kind of art, than,
let’s say, a painting. But as an advertising professional, he realizes, that both art forms
have certain basic things in common like specific objectives and target audiences.

Jayakumar Karunakaran‘s fascination to delve deep down into the imagery that revolves
around his mind and his desire to lend expression to it, led him to explore the world of paintings. What developed was more than an expression...
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