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Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 36"(L) x 96"(W)
Artist Hemant Bandhu depicts a scene of 10 horses running through a body of water. The artist has used acrylic color to create this stunning piece of art, which has been painted entirely by hand without the use of brushes. The painting is large in size and takes up the entire canvas. The horses are the main focal point of the painting and are painted in a variety of colors such as white, brown, and black, which add depth and texture to their forms. Their powerful muscles and flowing manes and tails are expertly captured in this dynamic scene. The water is painted in shades of blue and white, with a textured and layered effect created using hand. The splashing water around the horses' hooves adds to the sense of movement and energy in the painting. The artist's skillful use of alternative painting techniques has resulted in a visually stunning and unique piece of art that captures the beauty and power of these majestic animals in motion. *Frame shown in the picture is only for suggestion it may vary

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Hemant Bandhu

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	 								Hemant Bandhu is a renowned Indian artist who has gained fame for his diverse range of artistic works including realistic paintings, abstract paintings, landscapes, portraits, sketches, cartoons, sculptures, and murals. Despite being a self-taught artist, Mr. Bandhu has achieved excellence in the field of fine arts and applied arts, and has even won a Gold Medal in the field. His paintings are characterized by a unique style that blends abstract and realistic elements. His use of traditional mediums such as canvas, oil, and watercolor, combined with his 3D observation, perspective, attention t...
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