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Medium : Mixed media on Stretched canvas
Dimension : 30x24 inches
Argy Bargy is an Abstract/ Mixed media style wall painting, which has been created on a 30x24 inches Canvas. It portrays the struggle & tussle of our Lives in the modern world. This is one of a kind and has also been appreciated by experienced artists worldwide.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								We have named our shop as "Samarpan" which means Dedication.
Our offerings are true reflection of our vision and complete focus on creating a unique experience for our customers.
With every creation, its a new experience and new dimension to the thoughts. Moreover, every art piece has a message behind it. We believe that Colors can be a great medium to spread awareness and social message as well.

Our USP is Abstract art form which allows customer to appreciate art in their own imagination and state of mind.

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