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Medium : Fine Art Prints
Dimension : 23" X 33" inches
Artist: KS Guruprasad Medium: Premium Photo Matte Posters Size: 23" X 33" inches Frame: No Description: This whole composition of this art work came out without conscious thought. I believe the world still has the treasure of peaceful beauty. This composition of shapes and colour brings me this feeling.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								Creating a complementary mix of emotion and experience, KS Guru Prasad delves into the depths of the mind (Buddhi) and vision (Drishti) to give a beautiful form to this creative talent. His work speaks of a soul well-traveled, making each stroke of his artwork speak of expressiveness with geometric undertones. It is as modern in its color schemes as it is traditional in its blends. His approach is both poignant and spiritual.

Born in the quaint and spiritually-inclined Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, Guru has derived inspiration from the plethora of temples and lush paddy fields. Translating a chil...
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