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Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension : 36"(H) x 44”(W)
This painting is a portrait of young lady against a colorful smoky background. Her features are highly detailed and carefully rendered, emphasizing her beauty and unique qualities. Green eyes are relatively uncommon, accounting for only about 2% of the world's population, In the context of this painting, the artist – Mr. Hemant Bandhu used a variety of techniques to emphasize the beauty of green eyes which lies in their rarity. He chose to use contrasting colors to highlight the eyes, and to create a sense of luminosity using shading and light. He also used careful brushstrokes to create the subtle variations in tone that give the eyes their unique quality and texture. The background of the painting is characterized by a smoky, colorful effect, which is likely created using a combination of different colors and blending techniques. It is a highly detailed and carefully crafted work of art, with a bold and expressive use of color and texture which adds a great deal of beauty and interest to a painting. The painting is an original artwork, signed by the Hemant Bandhu himself.

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Hemant Bandhu

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	 								Hemant Bandhu is a renowned Indian artist who has gained fame for his diverse range of artistic works including realistic paintings, abstract paintings, landscapes, portraits, sketches, cartoons, sculptures, and murals. Despite being a self-taught artist, Mr. Bandhu has achieved excellence in the field of fine arts and applied arts, and has even won a Gold Medal in the field. His paintings are characterized by a unique style that blends abstract and realistic elements. His use of traditional mediums such as canvas, oil, and watercolor, combined with his 3D observation, perspective, attention t...
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