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Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension : 48 x 36 Inch
Restaurant comes from the word of “Rest and Rent”. “Rest & Rent” those words consisting the word restaurant. Where the guest/client/peoples take their Food & beverage. Mostly, people love to go to restaurants to have their food with their family or friends to enjoy their meal amidst a friendly and warm ambiance. Many couples meet in restaurants during the initial stages of their affair. Many people would love to meet their long lost friends and family friends here simply because they would love to chill out here and enjoy great food. It looks like couples who like to eat together, definitely stay together. In fact, a new study suggests that a couple who share a love for good food are most likely to make their relationship last. In other words, good marriages revolve around good eating. The typical dinner-and-a-movie date night is always great, but sometimes you also need a spontaneous break from your routine. The dinner date is magnificent in its simplicity: It’s a great way to make a good impression on someone without having to get too creative. If you're having a great first date with someone, the conversation is flowing, and you can feel the sparks flying between you both, you may be kiss the person at the end of the dinner. a romantic date consists of the exciting and mysterious feelings which arise as a result of enjoying activities and experiences on a date with your partner which appeals to their individual Love Languages, personality and passions. Romance is nothing more than savoring your partner and the gifts of your intimate relationship. From that place of savoring, from that place of gratefulness, you give back. You slow down and nurture your partner. You slow down and get in touch with what makes your partner’s heart sing. The classic ‘romantic date’ usually brings to mind a few quiet sips of vino followed by dinner at an exquisite restaurant .

Country of Origin - India

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