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Shivlinga $692.31 $615.38 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $30.77 DISCOUNT: $76.92 TIME TO DISPATCH: 3-5days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier





Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension : 18 X 24 Inch
Explanation of the painting : In Sanskrit language ‘linga’ means ‘mark’, so the lingam is an identification or symbol – of the formless Shiva who is manifest all over the universe. How does one identify or connect to Him who has no form? There needs to be a sign to identify Him. Lingam means identification, a symbol through which you can identify what the truth is – what the reality is. What is not visible yet can be identified by one thing – that is lingam. When a baby is born, how do you know whether the baby is male or female? Only through the reproductive organ can you identify whether the baby is a boy or a girl. That is the reason the genitals are also called lingam. Similarly, how do you identify the Lord of this Creation? The sign by which you identify both the male and female forms, combining them to form one single symbol to identify the all-pervading and formless Lord in this Creation is Shivalinga. It is a symbol of generative power. Devotees believe that the Shivalinga helps us focus our attention and go beyond our consciousness - and that is why they were kept in Shiva temples. It is also worshipped as the beginning of all creation. I will provide with Frame

Country of Origin - India

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