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Medium - Oil on Canvas Size - 72 x 48 inches The theme : Nilesh Palav has drawn from the dusty by-lanes of his emotional past, registers his prolific artistry. Capturing nostalgic personal moments, he inspires an artist within to form images of varied shapes. These images soon metamorphose in human ambitions floating with mosaic of colors. While an artist applies his innermost core to emotionalize colors, art enthusiasts are left with palette full of artistic experience. As the form knowingly carries the theme, emotions dance ebulliently on the waves of optimism.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								One stroke can add sublime touch to any art-piece, the way few steps can change imponderable destiny. Though to reach sublimity, anartist has to practice strokes and meditate on hues for years... when one day he paints his emotions with finesse. 
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